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The power of colors

Colors can make you up and can also break your mood.

It is the sensation that is stimulated in the wavelengths of light. Each wavelength stimulates the perception of a separate color from the color spectrum. The colors we choose can have a strong impact on our home or office, we can be attracted to certain colors for various reasons as well as there are certain stereotypes about individual colors. Colors can encourage a multitude of emotions, including calmness, anxiety, and even

Pink It is tender and romantic and therefore often used in girls’ rooms. It is a favorite color for bathrooms as it creates cleanliness.

Orange is the color of joy. It combines the stimulating instructions of red and yellow and according to psychologists is best for fighting depression. An ideal choice for a child’s room or office as it helps brain activity.

Yellow Suitable for decorating countries dedicated to spiritual pursuits. Also, it helps to organize. Try yellow details in the parts of your home.

Red is one of the basic colors of Feng-Shui. It suits areas with intense activity, such as the living room or the kitchen. Excessive exposure to red can cause stress and nerves. Its use at home is indicated in softer shades, such as terracotta.

Blue boosts confidence. In color therapy it is used to reduce pain and blood pressure. Turquoise helps with communication, so it is suitable for offices. Blue helps with restful sleep and is therefore also suitable for bedrooms.

Brown Symbolizes warmth and stability. Brown is a “heavy” color and therefore should be used sparingly and always combined with other colors. Dare its dark shades for furniture and light shades for your living room or sitting room.

Black Where used it defines the space and everything else around it, so it suits architectural details. It is the color of mystery and femininity.

White Expresses purity, innocence and cleanliness. It must be used wisely so that it does not end up cold and lifeless. In some rooms it may turn out to be indifferent. However, in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom it is irresistible.

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