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We all need a renewal and a sense of freshness in our lives. Let’s start with our bathroom.
The first choice of wall color in a bathroom renovation is consistently white. White symbolizes cleanliness and matches all styles and colors. Usually, however, it is combined with black and gray. Of course, if you are tired of the classic proposals, you can choose something brighter.

A color that has made a strong comeback on bathroom walls this year is light sea and green. They are quite close to the color white. Usually its lighter tone is preferred, it lights up the space and gives it shine, while together with white they form a wonderful combination.

Want to add a little more color to your bathroom? Pink and orange are two very strong trends for its decoration.

You can create some graphics with a roller and if you have tiles that you don’t want to remove, place a wooden or plastic surface in a shape you like and put it on.

TIPS: You can paint the ceilings with a light shade, and the walls with darker shades, it will make them look taller and enlarge the space.

In the decoration, the detail is what makes the difference. You can complete the renovation with new towels, bathroom accessories, some shelves, but also add candles and some plants.

We are here to give you the colors that can transform your bathroom!

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