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Glosses in the form of spots or continuous transparent lines on external surfaces (as if a snail has passed).


The painting of external masonry surfaces in conditions of increased humidity (fog, dew, frost, etc.) and / or possible rain shortly after the end of the painting,
has the effect of delaying the complete drying of the paint. In such cases it is possible for some components of the paint that dissolve in water, to be trapped as they dry on its surface and appear in places in the form of stains, runs and a difference in gloss.Intense shades, as well as the application of paint in a thick layer in combination with the above conditions, are more likely to present the above phenomenon.In the international color literature, this phenomenon is referred to as the “snail trail effect”

Creating bubbles, which leave marks like craters on the surface of the paint.


It is recommended to rinse the surface with water and lightly rub with a cloth or sponge, as soon as possible after the problem has occurred. In case the phenomenon continues, we let it rinse itself over time. Immediate repainting is not recommended, as the running effect is temporary,
has to do exclusively with life with the conditions that prevailed in a short time after painting and in no way affects the durability and duration of the system that has been applied.

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