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Spring has come and it’s the right time to put our home in a spring atmosphere with the right decoration! The living room is the focal point of our home, so the renovation usually starts there. And of course the coffee table is the piece of furniture that usually catches the eye the most.

So how do you make a spring coffee table to renew the whole living room?

Do you want your home to exude a spring mood and put you in the mood? Then try making some additions to key parts of the house, such as the coffee table! So see beautiful ways to decorate a spring coffee table!

How to decorate the coffee table in spring!

Say yes to a wicker tray. Trays are an essential decoration for every home. In fact, there are so many styles of trays that you can choose the one that suits the style of your home and the season. So, for the spring of a wicker tray that was a perfect idea. And that’s because it’s light, which makes it look very springy!

Go blue for a spring coffee table.

Spring decor definitely needs a splash of color! And a very spring color is blue. So if you want an absolutely spring coffee table then try to decorate with decorations in blue. Such can be vases, bowls, fake flowers or other such objects.

Decorate with flowers.

It doesn’t make sense to have a spring coffee table without flowers! Spring is inextricably linked with flowers, both with their colors and scents, and this should be reflected on the coffee table as well! So make sure your table has a vase of beautiful fresh flowers that will add color to the living room. And if having flowers at all times doesn’t seem possible to you, you can do it when you’re expecting people at home. Besides, with the movement this house looks more welcoming and cozy.

Place a jug on the coffee table.

You can get used to seeing jugs in the kitchen but there is room for them even on the coffee table. So a white jug is a perfect alternative to a vase if you’re looking for something simpler. Decorate the jug with flowers or blooming branches and you will have the ultimate spring mood.

Decorate with wooden elements.

In spring, decorating tends to become lighter and more relaxed. In this context, some wooden decorations for the coffee table would be that they should refer to nature. For example, a wooden bowl or a wooden chain fits perfectly on the table, even if it is wooden.

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