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It is the first and last place you see every day. A change of performances in your space, will bring a change of performances in your life and this in turn to the feeling of renewal.

Home Decoration like a Bicycle Ride

Do you ride a bike? If so, you will have experienced one of the greatest pleasures when we are on two wheels. It is nothing but the constant change in the images we see along the way. The performances move with them the feeling of your freedom that you adore while walking, enjoying the nature and the colorful images of the city. The color in our house offers a similar pleasure.

In addition to painting the walls, you can put a wooden staircase or some old furniture in the open space in bright colors like the coral in the photo. Learn how to paint furniture like a professional and any thoughts that it is difficult, will disappear!

On the walls you can put light shades of beige to create balance.

Prepare your home with colors for the arrival of a baby

Bergamot Scent on the Walls of Your Home

A clever color idea for the walls of an open space is to use a bright color, such as the terracotta in the photo. It will offer you refreshing energy and peace!

Trust the new matte plastic paint with hydrophobic technology and a wonderful spreader, which removes common hydrophobic stains from their walls, turning them into drops that flow on the surface of the paint!

Decorate the Wall with a Rotten Apple

A rotten apple certainly can not be eaten. However, it can become a very special color for the walls in the open space of your home. If you find it too dark for the wall, you can use some wood color in the shade and look in the kitchen cabinets! Paint a nearby wall with a soft body and decorate with lilac, yellow and bronze details. There is no way you can not love your space after these changes!

Decoration with White Color!

Paint the Walls Gray

Shades of gray for walls near windows are the best way to give the open space of your home nobility and elegance. On the one hand, when the sunlight enters, there is plenty of summer and alkyd days, and on the other hand, the gray will balance the amount of light that your eyes finally receive. The right combination of colors with gray is purple-lilac and light blue!

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