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Is your living room ready for renovation? We will show you how to set your mood in the moment with the inspiration given by the color combinations. As our lives become more digital and our agenda more and more full, we have an ever-increasing desire to stop for a moment and see what makes us human. Choose what makes you who you are or who you are with combinations that a home has for care, play, meditation or creativity.

Relaxing modern living room

Decorate with linear metal accessories. The ferrous metals and the lamps with angles that give elegance. Add textured pillows and blankets for comfort and complete with a matching rug to give all the colors.

Colors used by Decorators

Bright living room

Add a positive mood to the room, thanks to the lively tones reminiscent of childhood. The colorful stripes attract attention in an elegant way. See how easy it is to make your own stripes. Use pink and yellow on the top stripes for an emerging sense of carefree and playful mood.

Add fun touches of vibrant color with poufs in pink and blue. Complete with a mustard rug as an accessory, which matches the tone of the wall and unifies the decor.

The quiet minimalist living room

Create a quiet space for relaxation and meditation. The light gray-beige is the perfect background to enjoy beautiful evenings. Match it with a uniform chocolate tint to smaller pieces of wall for contrast.

Be content with the necessary items and decorate with simple accessories with a texture of natural wood and stone, for a serene minimalist living room.

Tiny living room

The expressive autumn living room

Rediscover the meaning of life and gather friends and loved ones in your cozy home. The rich olive green reflects deep autumn shades for a warm and welcoming background during your lively gatherings. Match it with navy blue for a more spectacular result.

Emphasize the earthy theme with wooden furniture and textiles. Express your personality with souvenir trips and handmade accessories for interesting discussion topics.

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