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Color plays a bigger role in our lives than we realize – in our mood and energy, our psychology, and even our health.

In something so important, therefore, carelessness and mistakes do not fit! So we thought we’d put our know-how and years of experience together and put together some things we often see done.

  1. We forget the Decoration. Many start the renewal of a space by choosing a color, without considering the decoration of the space. If you want to keep, at least in general terms, the same furniture, curtain, paintings, etc. in the space, you should definitely take this into account when choosing the colors! If you intend to move to a different decoration, make sure there is consistency between it and the color of your walls.
  2. We submit to the Classic. Many people, even though they love bright and intense colors, follow classic options. Don’t be afraid to experiment with something unconventional, just do it carefully and always in combination with the most neutral tones to bring out the charm of your space.
  3. Monochrome in the same room. Avoid monochrome in the same space. Use your favorite shade if you wish as a base, which will be complemented with tones that could tie harmoniously together in terms of walls, furniture and other interior decoration elements. In this way you will achieve harmony in the space without tiring the eye.
  4. We think our Favorite Color fits the interior of the house: Another common mistake! No matter how much we love a color e.g. the red, is not harmoniously beautiful to adopt it throughout the house! Each space and room has a separate use, and each color gives off a different atmosphere and character. We have to make sure we match these two factors.
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